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Toddler Accidentally Flushes Tiny Kitten Down The Toilet — And Rescuers Only Have One Shot

This story is a touching and miraculous one. One day, the local Ford County Fire Department located in Dodge City, Kansas received an SOS call early in the morning. Someone had called for help – regarding a newborn kitten and an in-house accident.

It was horrible – the family’s 4-year-old daughter was left unsupervised alongside a litter of feline newborns. She has accidentally flushed one – down the toilet bowl! After hearing sounds of faint mewing, the team decided to dismantle the toilet seat altogether to take a closer look.

The kitten was stuck in a 4-feet long pipe – and it would not be an easy task to rescue her.

After 3 hours of digging through the pipes, the tiny kitten was found and was still alive. The family dried the tired and wet kitten before slowly nursing her back to health alongside her mother cat.

The little lucky kitten was given the name Miracle – for her incredible story and strong will to survive, which beaten out all odds.

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