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Tiny Paralyzed Kitten Rescued From Storm Drain Can’t Believe She Will Walk Again!

Talleyrand, the kitten, was found in a storm drain when she was just two months old. She was in terrible shape. She was paralyzed and could barely hold her own head up. The people at the Humane Rescue Alliance were not willing to give up on her. Nikki Link, a vet nurse, said when Talleyrand first came to them she couldn’t move her tail or back legs at all.

paralyzed kitten

Image Credit: Humane Rescue Alliance

Talleyrand’s back was broken. Link said they started acupuncture treatments. Within a month, Talleyrand’s little tail wagged, and her legs moved! Then Talleyrand was able to stand on her own!

Take a look at this video

Happily, (and incredibly) Talleyrand is walking and running around on her own! She is a miracle! This story just serves to remind us never to give up! Keep moving forward – one step at a time – you’ve got this! I’m sure you’ll get inspired by Talleyrand’s infectious spirit!

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