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Tiny Lost And Confused Kitten Calls For Mom. When Mom Responds My Heart Melted!

Get ready for cuteness overload! The tiny striped kitten in this video is a little turned around at first. He mews for his mom. She is just behind him, but he can’t see her the way he is facing. He mews (a rather pitiful cry). His mom mews back. He eventually turns and faces his mom. The two mew back and forth at each other.

The little one seems to be asking for help. He needs to be rescued (keep in mind that he is about a foot or so away from mom). Mom has other kittens crawling on her and isn’t in a position to come for him. She mews to him as if to say, “You can make it, I am right here, you are fine.”

Take a look at this video

Eventually, the little guy makes it over to his mom. This is what we call “tough love!” Share away, people!