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Tiny Lion Cub Stumbles Out… Now Try Not To Melt When You Hear His Littlest Roar!

Aww, look! It is an adorable lion cub! This tiny baby is trying to act tough after having stumbled out of the brush. His voice, however, hasn’t fully developed yet! The adorable video was captured and posted by Chubby-Fish. Wait until you hear the sound that comes out! This will make your day!

According to Science ABC, the secret behind a lion’s roar is their larynx or voice box. As air produced in the lungs flows past the vocal cords, they vibrate and produce sound. Basically, the folds (flat and square) that lions have in their vocal cords allow them to make loud roars!

Take a look at this video!

The sound some lions make can be as loud as 114 decibels – which is about how loud some rock concerts are! No wonder hearing a lion roar is so scary! After watching this video, I wonder if the little guy was just trying to find his momma! Share away, people!