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This Tiny Kitten With Heterochromia Has Eyes That Will Mesmerize You

One look at the kitty in this picture and you will be mesmerized! Her name in Pam Pam and she had a condition called heterochromia iridis. When you look at her, you almost have to wonder if those eyes are real – they are! Individuals affected have two different color eyes and have some abnormalities in the iris.

The type of heterochromia Pam Pam has is called complete heterochromia (both eyes are different colors). A similar condition called partial heterochromia would result in the same eye having different colors.

A third type called central heterochromia is when an inner ring of the iris has a different color than the outer ring.

All types of heterochromia are likely the result of inbreeding, mutation, or it is inherited. In the Turkish Angora breed, heterochromia is a desired trait. If inherited, heterochromia (in felines and humans) isn’t harmful.