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Man Notices Tiny Kitten Trying To Comfort Dead Mother, But Wasn’t Prepared For This (Video)

Love knows no bounds. There are no limits. Even after death, love remains. A man found a cat and a kitten in an alley. The kitten was living next to his dead mother. The kitten had stayed with the dead mother for days. What was even more shocking is that the kitten had been bringing food to her.

The kitten was hungry, but wouldn’t eat any of the food items he had left for his mother. How heartbreaking (and heartwarming all at the same time! They were able to get the kitten and his mother out of the dirty alley. They addressed the kitten’s injuries and let him say one last goodbye to his mother. He didn’t want to leave her.

Take a look at this video

The poor kitten may not fully understand what is happening. Let’s hope his life is much happier now.

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