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When This Tiny Kitten Gets Tired Of Playing She Does The Most Hilarious Thing Ever!

If you have ever had a young kitten, you know that the word ‘tired’ isn’t really in their vocabulary! They run and run and jump and play! All day. Until they crash. The trouble with siblings is that you both don’t get tired at the same time. What if one sibling is exhausted and the other is still full of energy?

What do you do if you just want to sleep? Well, the answer can be found in this video. One kitten has clearly had enough play for the day – but her sibling isn’t quite done playing. So, to get your much-needed rest, you can simply play dead!

Take a look at this video

Once your sibling realizes that you are finished playing, they will wander off and bother someone else. Problem solved! I like how the human was concerned for his little one! Sweet dreams, little one!

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