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Tiny Kitten Gathers Up Courage To Stand Up Against ‘Intruder’ In The House!

Cue the theme song from Jaws! Or any other scary song you can think of! But you need not worry – this tiny kitten has your back! In the video, you will see our brave hero enter the room. Yes, our hero is the tiny kitten. Don’t laugh (yet) wait until you see how this tiny kitten bravely defends his territory!

A stealthy move as he enters and then he approaches the intruder. Arching his back and puffing out his tail the brave kitten walks right toward the unwanted guest. Then we see the object that has this kitten on high alert. It is a tennis ball. Now, I know what you are thinking – it is a tennis ball.

Take a look at this video!

But look at the size of that thing! LOL! This kitten isn’t about to let some yellow ball into his house without laying down the ground rules! After that display, we can see who is in charge! Share away, people!