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Tiny Dancers Look Each Other In The Eyes. He Grabs Her Hand And Makes Move Crowd Will Never Forget

At a young age, most of us probably had more issues with basic motor skills and coordination than with perfecting complex dance routines – at least, I know that I spent most of my young life tripping over my own feet! But for young Paige Glenn and Artyon Celestine, dancing is part of their lives and they couldn’t imagine a world without it.

The young dance partners are just seven years old, but they’ve already been dancing for most of their lives, and they’re super good, too!

Image Credit: YouTube

At the Murrieta Dance Project competition, these two took part in the Lyrical Duet category and performed a beautiful dance routine to the famous titular song from the Beauty and the Beast movie, which is also subtitled Tale As Old As Time. It might not be the newest of the Disney movies, but its story of looking beyond physical appearances to see the beauty within continues to touch children everywhere!

Image Credit: YouTube

From the moment Paige and Artyon began their performance, the two already won over the audience. Their impressive flips, turns, and tricks that are amazing even from grown-up dancers wowed the crowd, and their on-stage presence and chemistry together was nothing short of magical. It’s no surprise that these two took home the prize for winning first place overall! Check out this amazing dance routine here!

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