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This Maybe The Tiniest Horse Alive, But He’s Fast And Can Chase You Down!

A few facts before the fun. The American Miniature Horse Association says that miniature horses should not exceed 34 inches. The breed is also used as therapy animals. There is nothing cuter than a baby animal. It really doesn’t matter what kind of mammal it is – all baby mammals are cute!

It is important to note, we said mammal – because let’s face it a spider is a spider and none of them are ‘cute!’ This video features one cute little miniature horse. The baby is just three days old and his having a ball chasing after one of his caregivers!

The little guy is acting just like a dog! I bet this little horse is just happy to have a friend to play with. It is true that life is much better when you have a friend to share it with.

Everything between these new friends is going along well until mom, named Grace, comes in and disrupts playtime. Grace may not really have been the mom, though, they did indicate they were going to turn her loose to see what happens.