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Doctor In The Operation Theater Yells For Dad To Take This One In A Million Picture

Cameras are everywhere. They are in our hands, on phone poles, ATMs, and on airplanes…and many, many other places. They capture the good and bad things that happen around the world every day. When one Reddit user’s wife was having a baby, he grabbed his phone to record the moment. What he caught is being called a miracle.

The infant’s umbilical cord was in a knot! The knot was not fatal – but it surely could have been! Most babies with a tied umbilical cord will stop being active at around 37 weeks – that is the first sign of trouble. If detected in time, those babies will have to be delivered by c-section.

Take a look at this image

umbilical cord in a knot

Image Credit: Reddit

According to the March of Dimes, most of the umbilical cord abnormalities will not harm the fetus at all. But a knot in the cord is certainly a life threatening condition. Share away, people.