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Thug Tries To Kidnap 10-Year-Old Girl, But Her Dog Isn’t About To Let Him Get Away

Dogs have an incredible sense of smell, hearing, and for people. Having a dog in your life makes it richer and happier – and for one Prince William County, Virginia family, their dog made them safer too! One day at around 3:50 PM, a 10-year old girl was out walking the family dog when a man approached her – he grabbed her arm and tried to abduct her!

The dog wasn’t having any of that and bit the man! The man was forced to drop the girl and run off, the girl was not injured! The police are still looking for the man – he is in his late teens or early 20s, Hispanic, weighs about 145 pounds, has dark hair a goatee, and is between 5’3” and 5’6”.

Take a look at this image:

Image Credit: Facebook

Any person with information about this suspect are being urged to call the Prince William County Police at 703.792.6500.