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Three Seniors Step On Stage To Perform, But No One Was Expecting Such A Sight!

In 1982, Michael Jackson released the song “Billie Jean.” The music video featured Jackson singing the song on a sidewalk that lit up as he walked along. He wore a black suit, red bow tie, and white shoes. I am sure you remember the words to the song. In case you have forgotten, the video below will remind you of how it went!

The three men will see dancing along to the song are all over 70 years old! They have talent and took to the stage at their local community senior center. When they walk on stage, they are all clutching their aching backs! When the real music starts, so does the fun! By the end, they are moonwalking along to the music much to the delight of the crowd!

Take a look at this video!

I only hope I can move this well when I am their age! Enjoy.

Sing along and share away, people!