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Three Dot Tattoos Are Popping Everywhere And Cops Warn Others To Stay Away

A lot of people have tattoos.

Some are cats, dogs, religious figures, or animals.

But not all tattoos are innocent images or body art they may be gang signs.

Police are warning people to be aware of one particularly bad gang and what their tattoo looks like – three dots.

Anyone with a tattoo that is just three dots near their eye is a gang member, and you should get away quickly.

The three dots mean “Mi Vida Loca” gang lifestyle.

For example, a person with a teardrop tattoo means that they have killed another person and a person with a spider web tattoo on their elbow means they spent a lot of time in prison and probably have ties to a gang.

A woman with a crown tattoo was a victim of sex trafficking.

Watch the video below to learn more about tattoos and what they mean.

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