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What This Therapy Dog Does For A Boy With Brain Injury Will Warm Your Soul

Therapy animals can provide relief to suffering patients and cheer up those who need it. In some cases, they can even speed up or help the recovery process. That’s what Colonel the golden retriever did for Caleb. When Caleb, a young boy, was involved in a head-on traffic collision, he sustained injuries that made his future seem bleak.

He had a broken femur, knee, and arm, and worst of all, he suffered from a traumatic brain injury that killed millions of his brain cells. His family began to worry if he would ever recover, or even survive, and weren’t sure how extensive and permanent the damage would be. Then along came Colonel.

Take a look at this video

The dog spent time with Caleb, gradually encouraging the boy to interact with him. It wasn’t long before Caleb was making the effort to play fetch with the pup and even concentrated on petting and cuddling with Colonel. Now, Caleb is doing so much better. He’s talking, moving around, and having lots of fun with his friend Colonel!

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