Remember when you were younger how you dreamed of having a date with your favorite singer or movie star?


Many high school girls dream of how great it would be to walk into prom on the arm of a celebrity.

While that dream didn’t come true for Katie Kelzenberg, she got something just as incredible.

Katie is a huge fan of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. She has followed him for his entire career, even back to his pre-acting days as a professional wrestler.

Her friends and family weren’t surprised that she went out on a limb to ask him to be her date to the prom.

For Katie, what started out as a regular Friday morning at her high school would be a day she will remember all of her life.


As she and her classmates sat at their desks waiting to hear the standard morning announcements, her heart stopped as a surprise voice came over the speakers.

It wasn’t a typical morning announcement.

The entire school paused as they all slowly realized that it was Dwayne Johnson himself coming over the loudspeaker.

The Rock sent a special message to Katie, whom he called a “special lady.”

He apologized that he would be unable to be her date to the prom, telling her that he would be filming a movie in Hawaii.

Katie brought her hands to her face in disbelief as The Rock appointed himself as her new best friend.


He sent his regrets that he could not be her date, but he made up for it with a special gift to Katie.

The Rock had rented out an entire movie theatre for a special screening of his most recent movie, Rampage.

He held over 230 seats for Katie to invite whomever she pleased, also footing the bill for popcorn, candy and sodas for the whole group.

The Rock signed off by stating that he was now an honorary member of her high school and told Katie that while he hoped a chivalrous gentleman would take her to prom, she would have just as much fun going with her girlfriends.

As The Rock turned the morning announcements back over to the school’s regular speaker, Katie sat with tears of astonishment while her classmates gave her a roaring round of applause.