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Woman Mauled To Death In Front Yard By Six Dogs, Owners Won’t Face Charges

Six dogs attacked and killed a woman, Erin McCleskey, making a delivery to a house in Austin, Texas.

McCleskey, 38, had been an independent contractor for EZ Messenger and the daughter of one of the co-owners.

No charges will be filed against the dog’s owners.

The owner wasn’t home at the time of the attack – so it isn’t as if he told the dogs to attack her and he wasn’t there to stop them from attacking her.

All of the dogs were impounded and will be held for ten days under quarantine.

After that time, the courts will hold a hearing on whether the dogs should be euthanized or not. This is a hard one.

On the one hand, you have dogs protecting their home, and at the same time, they killed someone.

Take a look at this video

I am not sure I would feel safe living in that neighborhood after this incident if the dogs are allowed to return home.

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