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The Kind Of Terror This Dog Went Through Before Rescue Is Just Heartbreaking

Valentina is the dog you see pictured here. She is not covered in dirt, she is covered in tar. No one is quite sure how she got in this mess. We do know that when she was found, she was very sick. If the tar wasn’t bad enough, Valentina also was bruised and had mange. It was as if she had given up on life.

When you watch the video, you will see that in her eyes. She didn’t fight or resist. The video follows her journey to recovery. You will see Valentina get better in just 10 days! A lot of work and TLC had brought Valentina back from the brink! You will get to see a much happier version of Valentina toward the end of the video.

Take a look at this video

It is hard to watch the first part. But watching the hard part makes the end that much sweeter!

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