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Incredible Moment Man Calms Terrified And Aggressive Dog With Love

Dogs have the ability to sense things.

A dog can tell if a person is trustworthy or mean.

You can tell a lot about a person by how a dog reacts to them.

Dogs are amazing creatures.

The poor dog in this video is named Edie.

Edie was supposed to be euthanized – but someone decided to give the dog a second chance.

The first part of this video is hard to watch.

Edie was terrified. Every little thing makes Edie shiver and shake.

Edie seems to know what was supposed to have happened.

Edie isn’t willing to let anyone get too close.

The barking and ferociousness are all out of fear.

As hard as is watch the video until the end.

Take a look at this video

The transformation is instant and incredible.

Every dog deserves a second chance.

We are all glad Edie got the love she deserves.

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