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Terrified By Fireworks, Dog Died After Being Impaled On A Fence Trying To Flee From The Sounds

People love to celebrate some occasions with fireworks. But they fail to realize that animals have better hearing than humans. Fireworks scare cats and dogs all the time. In South Africa, the Barberton SPCA posted this grisly image of a dog. The dog had apparently been scared by some fireworks and ran off.

He got impaled on this fence and died. The image went viral and more than 1,000 people commented. According to reports, the dog was locked away in separate area, but during his panic, he managed to escape. His owner, a police officer, was not at home – he had to work. Too bad he couldn’t have had a friend or family member watch his dog for him while he was gone.

Take a look at this image

dog dead fireworks

Image Credit: Barberton SPCA

In a panic, dogs can get out of what we think is a secure area. A dog in Australia also died recently after being scared by fireworks. Share away, people.

[h/t Pet Rescue Report]