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Terrible Guitarist Sits After Kicking Innocent Cat. Then Karma Gives Him A Befitting Reply

Karma. You know what they say about Karma. In this video, karma strikes just a few minutes after the man mistreat the cat. They say revenge is a dish best served cold – but this was awesome. So, the guy in this video fancies himself a real cool dude. He has a guitar, sunglasses, and a camera.

Apparently, he is making a video of his awesome musical skills – but all we see is that he is a jerk. Mistreats the cat to sit in the chair. He sits down to begin his guitar playing, and you can see the cat run up the stairs behind him. Then the plant falls off the step and smacks the guy in the head!

Take a look at this video!

It couldn’t have been more perfect! I hope he got a huge bump on his head and had a terrible headache for the rest of the day!

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