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After Tent Is On Property For Weeks, Police Take A Look Inside – Are Stunned By What They See

In New Mexico, a couple has decided to punish their 16-year-old son in their own way after they caught him stealing from them – in their own way.

They made him live outside the house, in a tent! Neighbors clearly disapproved, and called the cops on them!

Jacob and Angela Boggus declared that they had no choice but to do so – as he wouldn’t stop!

Authorities also remarked that there was nothing wrong with such a punishment.

According to them, the couple’s son still has food brought to him in the tent – he is also allowed to relieve himself in the house’s bathrooms, as well as sleeping on his bed when 9 pm came.

Some people ruled that such a punishment was too cruel – what do you think?

Check out this video:

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