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Teens Spot Homeless Man Counting Change So They Drop Heavy Bags Under His Table

Not all teenagers today are self-centered and lazy. If you have a teenager, you may already know that – but teenagers do have a bad reputation. Three teenagers in Corpus Christi, Texas are ‘leading by example.’ The three teenagers, Ryan, Joshua, and Alberto, saw a homeless man sitting at a table in a local Chick-fil-A restaurant counting his change.

On the table was a worn out Bible and a picture of Jesus. Touched, the boys bought the man, Eddie, a gift card. Then they bought him a jacket from Dick’s Sporting Good. Who does that? Could you ever see yourself reaching out to another person like that? I am proud and impressed that these three teens had such big hearts. Watch the video to hear from Ryan.

Take a look at this video

You also got to see how excited Eddie was to get his new jacket! The ball is in our court now – what kind thing will you do today? Let us know and share away, people.