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Bratty ‘Popular’ Teens Who Prank School Janitor Get A Lesson They Won’t Ever Forget

Some teenagers today have no respect. They don’t know how their actions impact other people. A janitor got a little fed up with some of the girls at the school where he worked. The girls would leave lipstick marks on the bathroom mirror every day that he had to clean up. He hatched a plan and got the principal’s permission to teach the girls a lesson!

He called in all the girls to show them how he had to clean the mirror every day after school. He dips his sponge in the toilet and wipes off the mirror! Of course, he doesn’t really do that to clean the mirror – but, I bet after showing the girl’s how he ‘cleans’ he won’t have any lipstick on those mirrors again!

Take a look at this video

So, to recap – Janitor: 1, popular, spoiled girls: 0!

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