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Teen Who Vanished Knew She Was In Too Deep And Begged A Co-Worker To Tell Teacher That…

This 15-year-old girl went missing earlier this month. She and the man she was supposedly romantically involved with – a 50-year-old man. On March 13, 2017, Elizabeth Thomas was dropped off at a restaurant in Tennessee at around 8 AM. At a nearby gas station, Tad Cummins was last seen filling his car with gas.

teen abducted by teacher

Image Credit: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation

That is the last time the two have been seen except for some photos taken by bystanders and surveillance footage. So far, investigators have gotten more than 1,000 tips about their whereabouts, but no one has been able to apprehend them.

Tad Cummins worked at Culleoka High School and was Elizabeth’s health teacher. This year was the first year that Elizabeth was not home schooled.

teen abducted by teacher

Image Credit: TBI

Cummins’ and Elizabeth were caught kissing more than once – Cummins had been suspended. After the two had disappeared, the school fired Cummins. A little too late perhaps, but it needed to be done.

teen abducted by teacher

Image Credit: Josh DeVine / Twitter