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Teen Spots Terrified Girl Stranded In River Below The Bridge, So He Strips Down And Jumps In

Angus Pauley was running late for classes at Marlborough Boys’ College in 2014. His mom was driving when Pauley saw something in the river and made her stop the car. Pauley and his mom realized that there was a young girl struggling in the raging Taylor River. Pauley knew that that girl was in trouble and needed help!

Pauley and another boy, Jeremy McKenzie, both jumped into the water to help save the girl. The girl, 12, was on her way to school when she got tried to cross the river but wasn’t strong enough to battle the fast-moving water on her own. The girl’s father, Luke McIsaac was very grateful to Pauley and McKenzie for helping his daughter.

Take a look at this video

Sergeant Mark Lucas was grateful too. He said that the outcome would have been very different if the boys hadn’t shown up to help. Share away, people!