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Teen Soldier Is Stuck At Airport For 2 Days. Then Stranger Refuses To Let Him Sit There

Keaton Tilson, 19, is a U.S. Army mechanic that had gotten leave on short notice. He ended up getting stuck at the Dallas airport – for two days! He was trying to fly standby, but each time, all the seats were full. All Tilson wanted to do was see his family, but his leave was being wasted sitting at the airport.

A man from Missouri named Josh Rainey saw how desperate Tilson was to get on a flight and did something amazing! Josh was willing to give up his own ticket for Tilson – but the agent said that wasn’t allowed! After a quick call to his wife, Josh had the solution! Watch the video to meet them both!

Take a look at this video

Josh Tilson his own ticket! Who would do that for a complete stranger? I would like to think we all would be willing to help our fellow man as Josh did.

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