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Teen Is Ripped From Home When Parents Die. 20 Years Later, Boss Asks If She Remembers ‘Ralph’

When someone provides you with a glimmer of hope during your troubled times, you will never forget that person. This is true for a NYPD officer, Sally Zheng. At only 14 years old, she was placed into foster care after losing her parents 20 years ago. There was one officer who cared about her at that time, Ralph Torres. He was the only person Sally could turn to during that difficult time.

Sadly, Sally and Ralph had lost contact overtime. Despite this, Sally had enlisted herself in the NYPD, following Ralph’s example by helping others in need. Wanting to contact Ralph again, she had sent out a letter in hopes of finding him. Then on 25th May 2017, Sally got a surprise during her morning roll-call. She was supposed to be dismissed and head out for her morning patrol but there was an announcement. NYPD Commissioner James P. O’Neill had informed Sally that she had a special guest.

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