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Teen Returns Lost Wallet To Veteran And Gets This Text From His Mother

What would you do if you found someone else’s wallet? Would you return it to them?

Would you take some (or all) of the cash out first and make like it was missing when you found it?

A teenager in California, Tommy O’Connor, found a wallet and it was filled with cash.

The wallet also belonged to a veteran. O’Connor, 17, found the wallet on the ground at a 7-eleven.

It had nearly $2,300 in it! O’Connor took the wallet to his school and gave it to a teacher’s assistant, Anna Gomez.

O’Connor figured the money was someone’s rent and didn’t bother to count it.

O’Connor and Gomez went to the principal and they were able to track down the wallet’s owner.

Take a look at this video!

After hearing about what their son did, O’Connor’s mom said she was proud of him.

He simply said “You raised me.” Good job Mr. and Mrs. O’Connor – you have an upright and honest young man as a son! Be proud!

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