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Teen Raises Siblings After Mom Left Then 25 Years Later She Recognises Sad Homeless Lady On TV

MaryAnne’s mother, Shirley, disappeared over 25 years ago and no one knew where she had gone. Then in 2014, MaryAnne was watching her local CBS station when she saw a segment about a homeless woman and her son who were squatting near the county jail. In the segment, the old woman was crying and begging for help, and instantly MaryAnne knew that the woman was her mother!

Soon after the segment aired, MaryAnne and her mother were reunited. Finally, Shirley was off the streets and living with family. As fate would have it, one week later, Shirley was hospitalized and treated for what could have been a cancerous tumor! Watch the video to see who else contacted the CBS station after seeing the segment.

Take a look at this video

You have to admit the timing of the news segment and the health scare were too perfectly timed to be just a coincidence!

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