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Teen Mom Rushes Baby To Hospital Every Day, Then Doctors Realize Why After Seeing Her Facebook Page

Eighteen year olds are too young to be parents. Yet, there are a lot of teen parents out there.

We as a society have a real problem with our babies having babies. This story is proof of that statement.

In Florida, Brenna Winter, 19, had a baby girl when she was eighteen.

She dropped out of school to take care of her child (which shows responsibility and care).

It is also sad that she missed out on her education.

Last June, Winter had taken her baby to Nemours Children’s Hospital two days in a row because the infant had been vomiting up blood.

She posted messages on social media saying that she was so scared about her daughter’s health.

The baby was admitted to the hospital. It was then that the doctors found a small cut on the baby’s esophagus.

While in the hospital, the baby stopped breathing – she had been alone in the room with Winter.

The hospital staff watched the video feed from the camera in the room and saw Winter trying to choke the tiny baby.

teen mom and baby

Image Credit: OCSD

Later, Winter was holding her child so close (and so tight) while breastfeeding that the baby’s heart rate dropped, and the alarm went off again.

Winter denied harming her baby on purpose at first. Then, she admitted to choking the baby.

teen mom and baby

Image Credit: Orlando Police Department

Winter is claiming she was stressed out. Killing an infant isn’t going to make stress go away. It is sad.

Winter didn’t seem to have a support system in place. Winter is now behind bars.

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