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Mom Gets Scared When Teen Suddenly Asks Her To Stop The Car. Then She Realizes Why

If you live in an area that gets snow, you know that it can be very hard to clear it off your driveway sometimes. Wet, heavy snow is – well, heavy. When Tommy and his mom Teresa Adams saw an elderly man trying to clear his driveway after a heavy snow, Tommy wanted to help. The man was struggling with the shovel and his walker. He asked his mom to stop the car, so he could shovel the snow.

shoveling snow

Image Credit: WTVR

The man, a 76-year-old was so happy to get help from the teenager. Tommy reportedly told the man to go sit in the car and stay warm while he took care of all the snow that had accumulated. As you can imagine (and rightfully so), Teresa was proud of her son.

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Tommy hopes that one day, if he ever needs help, that someone will be kind enough to help him out – just like he helped this man. Share away, people!