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Teen Has No Date To Prom, Then Mystery Guest Walks Out And She Runs Back To Mom In Tears

Having a date for prom is important to many teenagers. Sadly, Maddie Morley, 16, didn’t have a date. She is autistic, and no one had asked her to the dance. That is until Kooper Richardson, a popular senior, did. The Sacramento organization called Evening of Dreams helped make this all possible. The whole scene took place at a school assembly.

Maddie was asked to come down front, and then Kooper asked her to the dance right then and there! Maddie’s mom, Jennifer was there to witness the whole thing! Evening of Dreams wasn’t done yet! Watch the video to see what they did. Oh, you will need to grab a tissue before you hit play – the waterworks will begin early in the video!

Take a look at this video

Include special needs children in school events – they are a part of your school.

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