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Teen Harasses Woman On The Subway Then Starts Screaming In Pain For His Actions

Some people just have no manners at all. They think that they are tough and can insult people with no repercussions. However, you should never underestimate other people and what they may do in response. Check out this video! The teenage boy thinks he is all tough yelling and harassing the woman. The woman doesn’t back down.

She never instigated the verbal attack and then the kid shoved her! Her response? Spray the boy with pepper spray! The perfect way to end the whole thing. The video, as you can imagine, has been posted on Facebook and has gone viral. Lesson learned here – if you are being harassed by someone, whip out the pepper spray and have the last word!

Take a look at this video

The whole situation came to a screeching halt once he has a face full of pepper spray! I imagine this kid will think twice about harassing people on the subway. Share away, people!