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Teen Accidentally Gets Hammer Stuck In Mouth After Getting A Dare From A Friend (Video)

As kids, we all played truth or dare. Sometimes telling the truth was a lot easier than facing a dare! On a dare, 14-year-old Kaley put an entire hammer in her mouth! It may not surprise you to learn that once the head of the hammer was in her mouth, she couldn’t get it back out!

Kaley took to Twitter to ask people how to tell her mom she had a hammer stuck in her mouth! You would think a 14-year-old would be smarter than that, but a dare is a dare! Kaley had the hammer stuck in her mouth for ten whole minutes! She finally got it out and is likely not to put a hammer in her mouth again!

Take a look at this video

Kaley said in an interview that having the hammer in her mouth didn’t hurt, it was just uncomfortable! Lesson learned hammers shouldn’t go in your mouth! Share away, people.