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Teen Arrested For Cursing On 911 Call, Operator Refuses To Send Help For Dying Dad

When an emergency is happening and someone is in a panic, you can hardly expect them to remain calm and speak eloquently.

But apparently, that’s what Officer Robert McFarland wanted to hear when he picked up a 911 call from Adrianne Ledesma, 17, of Lincoln Park, Michigan.

Ledesma’s father had undergone brain surgery three weeks prior, and had fallen and was experiencing a seizure in the kitchen.

Terrified, Ledesma rushed to dial 911, but it took her two tries before someone picked up.

By that time, she was swearing out loud in fear. That’s when McFarland answered the call.

Immediately, he heard her using the f-word and decided that it was a good time to rebuke her for it.

Unable to stay calm, she begged for an ambulance, but he hung up on her. She tried again, and once more was shut down.

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Meanwhile, Ledesma rushed to the police headquarters to get help, not knowing whether rescue was on its way.

As soon as she got there, she was met by McFarland, who arrested her for abusing 911 – which is a felony that doesn’t exist.

McFarland has since been suspended for two weeks and is attending additional training.

His actions could have endangered the life of Ledesma’s father.

Lincoln Park’s chief of police has apologized for the incident, although he himself does not know what caused McFarland to snap.

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