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Teen Gets Turned Down At Prom Only To Have School In Disbelief With Famous Voice Over Loudspeaker

Many of us have celebrity crushes and Katie Kelzenberg, a senior student in Oklahoma at Stillwater High School, is one of them! She’s always loved Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and is a die-hard fan of his. She’s committed a majority of his lines in movies to memory, admires his talent, and has followed his entire wrestling career.

That’s probably what led Katie to write a letter straight to The Rock himself, asking if this superstar would go to prom with her. It was a huge step to take, but Katie didn’t get her hopes up. She knew he was a very busy man with an A-list schedule to attend to in Hollywood, after all. But then, one afternoon as Katie and her friends sat in class, the afternoon announcements began to play – with a different voice behind them.

Image Credit: YouTube

It didn’t take long for Katie to recognize Dwayne Johnson’s voice playing over the speakers! He had secretly recorded the daily announcements by reaching out to the school’s administration. At first, all he did was greet the students, but then he mentioned Katie’s name directly, and the whole classroom turned to stare at her! The shocked expressions on everyone’s faces were completely priceless!

Image Credit: YouTube

Dwayne apologized because he wouldn’t be able to attend Katie’s prom for scheduling reasons, but he did have an extra special surprise for her. When he revealed it, it’s safe to say that everyone was in shock, and Katie was beyond the point of excited! Don’t you just love celebrities who appreciate their fans so well? Check out exactly what happened and what Dwayne said in the video below.

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