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Teen Cashier Buys Cop’s Dessert At Mall, But Next Couple Decide To Get Him Fired

A simple act of kindness turned rather ugly for 18-year-old Zack Randolph who works at a cookie shop located in the Kay Mills Mall in Texas. One day, Randolph gave a police officer a free brownie (normal retail cost $2.75). The officer was not expecting that gift but thanked Randolph and walked away. The couple behind the officer in line decided to ask Randolph for a free dessert – of course, he couldn’t do that so, the couple started to yell at him!

They even called him a racist! Scared, Randolph ran into the back room. Clearly, that rude couple has no idea what being a racist is – but, anyway, the next day, Randolph was suspended from his job for one week without pay! Tani, Randolph’s mother, was furious and she posted the incident on Facebook. What to find out what happened next?

Watch the video below

This is really sad and I hope the rude customers and the loss of pay won’t stop Zack from being the hero he is. Share away, people.