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Teen With Cerebral Palsy Requests Nike For A Pair Of Sneakers And Gets Incredible Response

According to the Mayo Clinic, cerebral palsy is a movement disorder caused by damage to the brain as it is developing before birth. The first signs and symptoms can appear when the child is an infant or when they are at preschool age. Most people afflicted with cerebral palsy are normal intellectually, and they have dreams and hopes, just like the rest of us.

Matthew Walzer has cerebral palsy, and he is heading off to college. He wrote an emotional letter to Nike asking for help with tying shoelaces. Nike responded! The company actually developed a new shoe they are calling the Flyease that is great for people who have trouble using their hands to tie shoelaces. Matthew played a big role in the development of the shoe.

Watch the video below to meet Matthew and see this innovative new shoe!

Good luck with your studies, Matthew!

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