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Rude Teen Who Laughed While Bullying Boy With Brass Knuckles Gets His Dose Of Karma

Here is a criminal in the making! In Conway, Arkansas, a teenager put on a pair of brass knuckles, and sucker punched another boy in the side of the head! The younger boy, 12, fell to the ground as the video rolled. Kane Millsaps, 16, is the attacker and is now facing up to 20 years in jail for the attack that happened on May 31, 2016!

Twenty years behind bars for one moment of being a tough guy! Part of the issue is that once the 12-year-old fell, Millsaps kept hitting him in the face! The brutality of the unprovoked attack was undeniable! Millsaps lawyer, Frank Shaw said the video cause him and everyone who saw it discomfort.

Take a look at this video

The victim had several broken teeth and a bruised eye. Millsaps’ mother said he has mental issues and should be excused! No, he needs help! No one this violent should walk away without some punishment. Share away, people.