15-year-old Austin Niehus was born with Goldenhar Syndrome, a genetic condition that is extremely rare. It results in a birth defect of a craniofacial variety, meaning the head and face are deformed, and this causes the development of the nose, mouth, ear, and other features does not reach its full growth.

This condition causes a very noticeable impact on the appearance of the person who has it. For Austin, it gets him bullied, teased, and hurt by the kids at school, and he’s suffered from cruelty from his peers for most of his life. He hasn’t had many friends and tends to feel isolated from his peers at school.

Image Credit: YouTube

Yet despite this, and in spite of the fact that Austin has undergone countless surgeries, his family describes him as being a very gentle and loving person, and also as being very smart. He’s always dreamed of meeting others who have Goldenhar Syndrome, but due to how rare the condition is, he knew the chances of that happening were very unlikely.

But Austin’s dreams were not in vain on this snowy day in Colorado. His entirely family is eagerly awaiting the arrival of a very special someone. Austin excitedly looks out of the window, listening for the sound of a car engine rumbling down the path, and the second they detect a sound like it, he and his family dash downstairs and outside.

Image Credit: YouTube

Austin’s family can be heard exclaiming in excitement and saying “She’s here!” over and over again. When the car door opens, a beautiful friendship is made. Watch the video to see what happens next!

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