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Motorists Speed Past Truck Parked At Stop Sign. Teen Approaches And Freezes At View Inside

When Max Greenwood, 16, was driving down the road, he noticed a driver stalled at the stop sign and causing a long hold-up. Cars behind him were honking angrily and trying to get around him, but that rubbed Max the wrong way. He knew that the car wouldn’t have stopped for no reason, so he got out of his truck and went over to see what was wrong.

His actions led to another two women decided to stop and go over to see what was wrong, too. The man who had stopped in the middle of the road looked visibly panicked and revealed that he was a diabetic and that his blood sugar was low.

One of the women offered the man a Coke, but Max could see it wasn’t working and quickly called 911. Emergency responders rushed to the scene and took the man away. He was suffering a medical episode, and it’s lucky that Max had decided to be a good Samaritan and stop to help him out!

Meanwhile, Max’s mother couldn’t be prouder of her son. She stated that she was happy that all her years of telling Max to do the right thing have paid off, and that he isn’t like other stereotypical teens today who may have been too self-absorbed to help – just like the people who had been honking their horns at the man.

Let this story inspire you to never assume the worst and to do your best to help where you can!