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Man Quickly Sprang Into Action After Thinking He Spotted A Giant Beaver Stuck In A Creek

Jim Passmore lives in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. He and his dogs were out walking when they saw an animal trapped in the creek.

As Jim approached, he realized that the animal was an elderly dog.

Jim called for help and the officers that came suspected that the dog (named Teddy) was probably hit by a car and then fell into the creek.

Teddy was overweight and older – both of those things made it harder for him to get out of the creek by himself.

Teddy’s story is a sad one, and this was the second time he had been rescued.

He had been scheduled for euthanasia but given a second chance by the Oklahoma Alliance.

Take a look at this video

The group hopes that Teddy’s cycle of sadness and misfortune can end – he needs to find a loving home!

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