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Boy Left In Tears After Teacher Throws Away His Lunch, Says He Can Never Eat It At School

When you sent your child to school with their lunch, the last thing you expect is for the teacher to throw the items you gave our child in the trash.

That is exactly what is happening in one school district in Durham, Ohio.

The school employees are reportedly removing what they feel are ‘unhealthy’ food items and tossing them in the garbage.

teacher throws out lunch

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This action is all a part of the Durham School District’s new healthy eating initiative.

Elaina Daoust was very upset when her son wasn’t allowed to eat a piece of banana bread last year – why he couldn’t eat it was because it had chocolate chips in it.

So it was tossed out.

teacher throws out lunch

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In response to the complaints from parents, James MacKinnon, a teaching consultant, said that the district has no policy that allows teachers or staff to throw out food from the students lunchboxes.

Okay, then why is it happening?

teacher throws out lunch

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More than 30 parents have said their child has had food taken from them.

A few of the items that were thrown out were juice boxes, Goldfish crackers, fruit snacks, granola bars, chocolate milk, and string cheese.

teacher throws out lunch

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A healthy food initiative is one thing, but to take food away from a student is unacceptable.

Can you imagine how the children feel when the foods their mom or dad has packed for them is tossed out?

teacher throws out lunch

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Maybe the school should not allow any foods to be brought in – it will save the parents money, and the teachers will have more time to teach (which is what they should be doing).

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