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Teacher Sent Letters To All Her Students After A Parent Told Her Something During A Conference

Back to school time is here! That is a relief for some and sad for others. Our society puts our faith and hopes in people that play professional sports or sing in rock bands. Those people do have a place in our society, but they should not be looked up to as heroes. Firefighters, nurses, EMT’s, teachers, and police officers are the heroes!

One teacher understood the power of words and used hers to help her students. The teacher took the time to write a personal note to each of her students after she heard why one of her students had taken an extended absence from school. They say that “sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.”

Take a look at this

teacher sends letters home

teacher sends letters home

Image Credit: Hrtwarming

But it isn’t true, name calling and hurtful words do leave a mark. Please be kind to one another. Share away, people.