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Grandpa Found Out Daycare Teacher Put Grandson In A Dress, Decides To Show Up At School

Grandparents are often seen as the person most likely to spoil a child. After all, these are people with dozens of years of parenting experience.

The time spent as the responsible disciplinarian has passed, and they can take a more relaxed approach.

However, the newly relaxed attitude does not mean that grandparents are pushovers or unwilling to make a stand when needed.

A daycare worker recently discovered this when an unhappy grandfather paid a visit to the facility where she works.

A video caught the recent confrontation between the protective grandpa and the daycare supervisor.

The issue that led to the matchup was a lesson the daycare class received on gender roles.

The teacher, to challenge the roles assigned to males and females, placed one young boy in a dress. The grandfather of the boy in question was unimpressed with the experiment.

The video captures the man at the center as he asks to talk to the teacher in charge of his grandson’s class.

The attempt to talk is initially rebuffed as the policies of the daycare only allow the workers to discuss the children with people on a preapproved list.

The list is an obvious safety precaution, but the angry grandfather is not willing to just walk away.

The instructor informs the man that he has the choice of speaking to the daycare director who works in another building.

The suggestion goes ignored as the grandfather already has the person responsible in front of him.

The man explains his disgust with the role play by saying that, ” We don’t do the transgender and all that.”

The woman voices her understanding of the cause of his upset and uses the young age of the child to dismiss it as an issue.

The response is inadequate for the furious grandpa who continues to express his dislike.

” I don’t appreciate you encouraging him to put on no dress for the second day, too. I don’t appreciate that and don’t think that this is going away. I’m going further with this.”

The realization that this man will steadfastly hold onto his opinions causes her to again suggest he speak with the director.

A back-and-forth continues as the man reaffirms his anger and the woman asks him to follow protocol and speak with the director.

The grandfather does not change his tone. He knows the person responsible for the event stands before him and he wants to make certain she understands the strength of his belief system.

The teacher apologizes for how upset the man is, but this does little to calm him.

He points out that the daycare should have sought approval for the wardrobe change beforehand, and that this is not to happen again.

The man even adds a uniquely modern threat to the conversation, ” I’m letting you know that the next time if you put any kid in a dress, I’m going to make you go viral.”

The teacher refuses to acknowledge any wrongdoing and continues to ask the grandfather to take his concerns to the director.

The video ends without a resolution as the grandfather exits the daycare with the promise that, ” this ain’t over yet.”