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Underweight Child Comes To School With Bed Bugs, Guardians Charged With Neglect

A 6-year-old boy came to school with soiled diapers and bed bugs in his lunch and hair. The child weighed only 37 pounds (and isn’t potty-trained!)

To make things worse authorities found that the boy had been overmedicated and couldn’t walk properly.

The boy’s parents Helena and James Jones have been arrested and charged with child neglect.

child abuse

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Deputies believe the boy was medicated so he would be easier to monitor.

School staff reportedly has removed bed bugs from the boy several times over the school year.

Why have they not reported this before?

child abuse

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Did the school notice that a 6-year-old was wearing diapers and try to reach out to the parents?

A few weeks before this incident, the Jones’ home was condemned because of a bed bug infestation.

Despite this, the family moved back into the home.

child abuse

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The police found blood on the boys’ bed (which was infested with bed bugs).

According to reports, the boy also defecated blood, which is thought to be a result of the medication he was being given.

As word of this story got out, many people expressed their outrage.

We need to stand up and be more aware of what is going on around us.

child abuse

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Someone in the neighborhood surely knew of this child. Did no one say or do anything? How can people be allowed to move back into a condemned building?

Young children like this boy need love and kindness. If you see a child that is wearing dirty clothes or looks sick all the time.

Say something, do something. Don’t let the child suffer.

Share away, people.