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Talented Dog Walks To Store Everyday To Buy Himself A Bag Of Treats

If you want something done right, you basically have to do it yourself! Take this dog, for example, his name is Pituco, and he knows how to get what he wants! In his hometown of Parai, Brazil, Pituco takes himself to a nearby veterinary clinic called Agro Pet every day.


Image Credit: Koca Trevisan

There Pituco has learned that he can get a bag of goodies from the pet food and supply shop at the same location! Once he has his large bag, he is back on his way home!

Don’t worry, it is not as if Pituco is a shoplifter – the items he grabs are put on a tab that the family happily pays for!

The staff at Agro Pet all know Pituco and hand him the food (which is on the top shelf and too high for Pituco to reach on his own)! Once and awhile, Pituco grabs some bird seed for his feathered friends!

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