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Swedish TV Accidentally Puts Subtitles From A Kid’s Show Over A Political Debate, And It’s Brilliant

Many people are passionate about politics. Tensions are high when hot issues get discussed among groups with different political affiliations. Everyone thinks they know best. Around election time, things get serious. We all have our views, and many people aren’t afraid to argue the points they feel strongly about.

Many of my friends have even ‘unfriended’ other people on Facebook because of their political views and comments! Imagine sitting down to watch a political debate that is on the air in Sweden. Many people would only watch a program if they were either very interested or if they had to do an assignment on it! Your television is set-up to show the subtitles.

The Minister for the Environment, Asa Romson, steps up to the microphone and says “Greetings, Earth creature!”

Well, okay, she didn’t really say it – but the subtitles did!

The Swedish television station somehow paired the debate with the words from a children’s television show!

Imgur user, TheBlondeSwede, just happened to be watching the debate and took photos of it all!