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This Man Saved An Injured Swan — See How The Swan Repays His Kindness

Swans have been long known to be extremely ferocious when attacked or provoked, in contrast to their seemingly graceful stance and look. One man however, decided to prove the world wrong when he stumbles across an injured swan.

Meet Richard Weise. He is the host of the television show ‘Born to Explore’ – it is originally aired on ABC, Saturday mornings. The show documents his journeys throughout the wild and meeting new people. This story involved a special moment documented in early April, 2016.


Image Credit: Born to Explore

While filming in the Abbotsbury Swannery for nesting mute swans located in Dorset, the United Kingdom, he once rescued a swan whose wings were injured by a chained fence, carrying it carefully.

The swan became calm after being embraced by Richard and fought through its pain till she received medical help.

Image Credit: Born to Explore